Data Science Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Projects – Python

Data Chart

Data is anything that can be stored, associated, linked, processed to form formatted information. The process, procedure and methods to explore data is Data Science. If we try to dig more into history, we could see data in every bit of it. IncBit has attained expertise in Data Integration with Data Science Artificial Intelligence Machine […]

Internet of Things(IoT)artificial intelligence machine learning :: IncBit

Internet of things IoT artificial intelligence iot machine learning: What about a scenario when you are able to lock the door of your house while sitting or moving on the road or anywhere else far away from your house? Here the lock in the door should be a smart object connected to your mobile device […]

IncBit Business App – On-site Field Sales Reporting App

Field Sales Track smartphone / mobile phone The android app is aimed at developing mobile application(s) for the  1  DVR (Daily Visit Report) Section: DVR Android Application  2  Approver Section: Approver Android Application Both the above modules are part of the same android mobile application. The respective module is shown to the user of the […]

Mobile Trends and News

In May 2015, Google said that there were more searches on mobile than on desktop. Number of internet users worldwide 2016 is more than 3.5 billion For 2017 the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.77 billion. The number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five […]

IncBit Business App – Mobile App Solution for Safe Driving – IncBit and United Efficiency Inc.

IncBit team was involved in developing android app solution for Safe driving (refer to tXtBlockermobile app solution and AT&T DriveMode android mobile app in development association with United Efficiency Inc.) tXtBlocker increases safety by avoiding distractions while driving with auto-response feature, notification sounds. Please visit the url Features Includes the following: Block outgoing/incoming calls:  When user is within a geo-fence […]

IncBit Business App – Online Flower Bouquet Arrangement App

Create your bouquet online and make on the screen arrangements of flower sticks in a vase. You can order the arranged bouquet online! Online flower bouquet and ordering smartphone / mobile phone website ( ) Artful floral app is a mobile website for flower arrangement interface for the florists to deal with their clients. Registered users […]

IncBit Business App – Online Games Application

DuelingRoster Application includes Fantasy games for NBA , NFL, NHL, MLB, CFB and CBB type. User can be a participant of any contest by choosing a scheduled game from the “LOBBY” which will be played on a particular date. After selecting a contest, user will have to lineup “Players” for that contest to create a […]