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Internet of things IoT artificial intelligence iot machine learning:
What about a scenario when you are able to lock the door of your house while sitting or moving on the road or anywhere else far away from your house? Here the lock in the door should be a smart object connected to your mobile device through a medium(may be Internet). Here the embedded hardware inside the lock plays an important role to create a data connection to the mobile device you have. This is what is called as IoT(Internet of Things) i.e. a network of connected devices. Wireless internet, smart devices with embedded hardware and OS, embedded sensors are important to make up IoT cloud. IoT applications and network will be helpful in different industries like logistics & transportation, appliances(domestic and insutrial), education & training, health, medical, personal care, security etc. While you are not at home and, if your IoT enabled refrigerator comes to know that there is no milk in the milk compartment of the refrigerator Or there are no vegetables in the vegetables compartment of the refrigerator then you receive a SMS of the status !!!

Internet of Things(IoT) can be a anything that can be involved using different mediums into internet.  These mediums can be wi-fi, network-medium, bluetooth, nfc etc. and thing could be a human being with say some heart monitor implant which can transmit information using the medium Or it could be car fitted with sensor so that in case of an emergency car can be remotely handled or it can tell the driver whether the tyre is punctured while the car is on the move and immediately display the nearby service stations to help the driver. We can also use IoT enabled sensors in rural areas for different machines to help farmers.

IoT consists of wireless technologies, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), microservices and the internet. In the IoT aspect, we can observe, count,track and analyse any machine-generated data of any amount so it will enhance our analytic capability and real-time decision making.

IoT can be applied in different industries like Automobile and Transportation, Energy, Healthcare, Water Management Systems, Construction and Building, Agriculture.
Within next few years, it is expected that various organizations ranging from government to business will create a trillion dollar market which will be constituted from more than 200 billion “things” making up the global Internet of Things.
An ideal Internet of Things scenario would suggest something like this: like smart tea maker when you start wakeup in the morning, smart cooking system for your breakfast, an automated car to take you to office, a smart light system would turn down the lights.

  • IoT network uses Z-wave protocol which is generally the home automation protocol for communication.
  • Z-Wave is the wireless standard for IoT devices as most of them have Z-Wave chips inside.
  • If you’re looking for IoT devices, you should look into SmartThings to find out lots of Internet of Things devices, such as smart lights, switches, doors and locks.
  • Revolv is another platform that brings more devices together under a central control system.
  • Belkin’s IoT products consists of light and insight switches, motion sensor, baby monitor.
  • IoT devices for our Home automation include Thermostats, smoke detectors, smart music systems, smart light bulbs 

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