We follow specific processes during development and testing phase of the applications which takes care of these issues and provides quality delivery to our customers. we are always with our customers.

Cross Platform Apps

Cross Platform Apps help save your cost on building an app. You don’t need to develop a separate app for a different platform (i.e. iOS, Android, …) You just pay for development of one mobile app which can run on different platform(s) with minor or no change in code.Advantages of Cross-Platform App Development:

  • Cross-platform apps development cost is lesser,thus,cost is saved.
  • cross-platform code is easy to maintain
  • cross platform development is ideal for business mobile apps
  • time to fix a issue in the cross platform app is less
  • development time and efforts is lesser
  • easy marketing
  • greater reach
  • uniform design and screens
  • cost-Effective Targeted Marketing with exponential rise in mobile data traffic


Open Source Web Applications

We are developing Open Source Web Applications using Open Source technologies and platforms like Bootstrap,WordPress,PHP,Joomla,Magento,Drupaletc. As these solutions are online solutions, so developing these online solutions / applications needs important technical design / architecture to handle performance, usability issues. We follow specific processes during development and testing phase of the applications which takes care of these issues and provides quality delivery to our customers.

Mobile Applications Development

IncBit is providing mobile device solutions (i.e. mobile phone, smartphone , computer tablets etc.). These mobile solutions have default features of diagnostics, logging/reporting, GPS tracking as built-in functionalities while OTA support for the respective solutions is provided on-demand basis. These device solutions have an optimized architecture which helps in handling battery usage while the application is running behind.
We are developing applications for Android, iOS,

Quality Assurance and Testing Solutions

No solution is completed without the keywords Quality and Testing. So while it is part of the development cycle, we also offer specific testing services to our customers so that we can extend our co-operation and association with them in stabilizing their existing solutions.

Internet of Things(IoT)

What about a scenario when you are able to lock the door of your house while sitting or moving on the road or anywhere else far away from your house? Here the lock in the door should be a smart object connected to your mobile device through a medium(may be Internet). Here the embedded hardware inside the lock plays an important role to create a data connection to the mobile device you have. This is what is called as IoT(Internet of Things) i.e. a network of connected devices. Wireless internet, smart devices with embedded hardware and OS, embedded sensors are important to make up IoT cloud. IoT applications and network will be helpful in different industries like logistics & transportation, appliances(domestic and insutrial), education & training, health, medical, personal care, security etc. While you are not at home and, if your IoT enabled refrigerator comes to know that there is no milk in the milk compartment of the refrigerator Or there are no vegetables in the vegetables compartment of the refrigerator then you receive a SMS of the status !!!

Project Management Consultancy

We have a team of Certified Professional(s) ( PMP® ) from PMI® with a vast IT industry experience. This is what makes us to execute Project Management assignments with best processes involved. Under this service, we are engaged right from the requirements till the final closure of the project i.e. we are always with our customers.