We help small businesses grow using Data Science techniques

Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Business Mobile Apps, Healthcare apps, Temperature Monitoring apps

Business Mobile Apps Automated Integration with Data Science, Machine Learning and AI techniques

  • Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to help integrate and grow your Business Sales. The automated integration is a single platform which analyses your business operations. Data science with Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence techniques use the data to achieve higher Sales Target. Increase Sales
  • Every customer is has unique requirement(s). Using Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques we help your business services/products reach specific customer(s) with specific needs which creates Customer-Product-Company bond unique and long-lasting
  • Cost-Effective Targeted Marketing with exponential rise in mobile data traffic
  • Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing (Amazon)

Data Science and Analytics :: Connect to Customer

  • Data Analytics Tools and Data Science Techniques helps achieve what customer wants!!
  • Quick, Easy Ordering though Smartphone / mobile apps
  • Comparison Shopping by Offering E-Commerce Component to Smartphone / Mobile App
  • Value Added Benefits by Offering Rewards like Free Songs, Free Apps and Free Beverages to Motivate Customers
  • Convenience gets Repeat Business

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence - Business Mobile apps

  • Grow your business sales with artificial intelligence, machine learning enabled business mobile apps
  • Increased Field Selling Time and Tracking
  • Eliminated Redundant Sales Activities
  • Mobile App connectivity
  • Sales Calling Costs minimized
  • Minimized Reporting Time
  • Improved Forecast Analysis

Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, Promotion

  • IncBit is also providing digital content driven marketing services for the clients to help client grow business scope
  • We suggest marketing keyword phrase based upon client’s business profile
  • Affiliate Marketing to increase business visibility across different business domains
  • Mobile content marketing
  • Social Media ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Artificial Intelligence for sales forecast


Cross Platform Apps

Cross Platform Apps help save your cost on building an app. You don’t need to develop a separate app for a different platform (i.e. iOS, Android, …)

Open Source Web Applications

We are developing Open Source Web Applications using Open Source technologies and platforms like Bootstrap,Wordpress,PHP,Joomla,Magento,Drupaletc.

Mobile Applications Development

These mobile solutions have default features of diagnostics, logging/reporting, GPS tracking as built-in functionalities while OTA support for the respective solutions is provided on-demand basis.

Quality Assurance and Testing Solutions

we also offer specific testing services to our customers so that we can extend our co-operation and association with them in stabilizing their existing solutions.

Internet of Things(IoT)

IncBit developers understand the Android SDK and we design, develop and customize applications for Android OS based products. We can help you develop a perfect app

Project Management Consultancy

Create a Virtual Office on Mobile – Location based services, Project Management, Time tracking, Invoicing etc.Facilitate Customer Relationships through Mobile Messaging

SEO, Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Solutions, Business Mobile apps, Healthcare apps, Temperature monitoring apps

Money guarantee
Safe driving (refer to tXtBlocker mobile app solution and DriveMode in development association with United Efficiency Inc.) Bluetooth Diagnostic OBDII Reader
Money guarantee
Video/Audio Download Recording and ShareMusic Download
Money guarantee
Field Sales Track mobile app
Money guarantee
Social Networking and Sharing Mobile App
Money guarantee
Messaging App(SMS in a Jiffy) Bulk SMS
Money guarantee
Personal Management Mobile app
Money guarantee
Online Campaigns and Leads
Money guarantee
Online Taxi Booking smartphone / mobile app
Advantage of mobile app development
Money guarantee
Event management and handling (Gemalto app solution)
Money guarantee
Online flower bouquet and ordering mobile app
Money guarantee
Field Services and Tracking Mobile app
Money guarantee
Personal Management Mobile app
Money guarantee
Health and Dietary (smartphone / mobile diet app solution)
Money guarantee
Messaging App(SMS in a Jiffy)
Money guarantee
Real Estate smartphone / mobile app solution



Requirement Gathering System Study


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Product development & Testing


Implementation & Support

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