Data Science Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Projects – Python

Data Chart

Data is anything that can be stored, associated, linked, processed to form formatted information. The process, procedure and methods to explore data is Data Science. If we try to dig more into history, we could see data in every bit of it. IncBit has attained expertise in Data Integration with Data Science Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning techniques/tools.

IncBit in its endeavor to explore more into Data Science with Data Profiling, Data Classification, Data Relation, Data Format leading to useful Information, IncBit is executing Data Projects.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring based upon real-time temperature data at different location and generate understandable reports. Using data analytics tools and programs, apps one can remotely monitor temperature.
Incbit has created data reports and charts based upon real-time artificial intelligence data programs for commercial dishwasher.

Recently, we did Data Science project for Commercial Dishwasher where we used data integration, validation and verification using Data Science Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

To identify and calculate total no. of cycles run and no. of cycles above 160F of a commercial dishwasher in 24 hours using the temperature data recorded.

Note: Time is less important than change
General Description of commercial dishwasher: You push the dishes and close the lid in close. At first it is wash water w soap the is about 150 degrees. Then clear rinse water that is 180. The health code requires that the plates reach 160 during the cycle. So you need to look at the peaks in the data. Count each peak and record the temp.