How Telemedicine is improving and beneficial for State of Healthcare for Small Business…

Telemedicine Healthcare Small Business

Small Business have been constantly facing a unique and never ending challange of employee healthcare cost. Employee healthcare is on top priority as  sick coworker has an adverse impact on small business productivity. Did you know that roughly 58% of the working population will call in sick at least five days a year? Not only can this put a strain on coworkers who are left to operate without a full staff, but the employer will also end up paying a higher cost every time it happens. One study found that employees that miss work due to an illness or injury cost employers around $225 billion annually. This works out to $1,685 per employee per year. More employees are also working sick, and this can result in more absences as their coworkers get sick.

Studies show that roughly 65% of small businesses offer some form of healthcare insurance to their full-time employees. However, this number falls to just 11% for part-time employees.

Generally, part-time and casual employees pay much more for their healthcare insurance through their employer. This can cause people to search for jobs elsewhere or go for other private insurance options. 

The same study showed that only 29% of small businesses have options when it comes to employee healthcare benefit plans. This includes the choice of deductibles, co-pays, and coverage percentages.

In general, most small businesses that offer healthcare insurance offer the following for their employees: 

  • Dental Benefits
  • Flexible Spending Account 
  • Health Savings Account 
  • Hospital Discount Card
  • Prescription Discount Card 
  • Vision Benefits
  • Wellness Programs 

Additionally, there are more popular benefits and add-ons. A lot of smaller businesses will offer the following but not match any employee contributions: 

  • Health Reimbursement Arrangement 
  • Health Savings Account
  • High-deductible plan
  • HMO insurance plan
  • PPO insurance plan 

The single biggest challenge small businesses face when they want to offer health benefit coverage for their employees is the cost. It can be extremely difficult for small businesses to have the funding on-hand and ready to go for their annual fees. It gets even more difficult if the business has a higher turnover rate. That’s because they are constantly adding and removing employees. 

Another challenge is trying to keep healthcare insurance costs affordable for all employees. Small businesses must strike a balance between administrative costs and deductible amounts. Deductibles are what employees will be most concerned about. The ability to offer choices services can be problematic as well. 

Some employees would like vision and dental coverage while others would never use it. Getting comprehensive coverage that appeals to employees across the board may not be possible. If you don’t offer good enough health benefits, it can send them searching elsewhere for employment that caters more to their needs.

The constantly changing healthcare landscape is making it easier for small businesses to go through private lenders to get the health insurance they want for their employees. However, cost is still a factor many of these businesses have to find a way to deal with. 

New technology is allowing businesses to cut their healthcare costs. For example, virtual doctor visits are gaining traction. When this happens, it helps employees avoid the higher costs of a physical doctor visit and co-pays. This simple alternative to traditional doctor visits could save small businesses thousands of dollars every single year. 

Technology has changed many areas of our lives. Thanks to advances in telemedicine, there have been significant shifts in the way patients experience care. From convenient appointments to faster specialist care, many of these changes are positive.

Self-care is more accessible

With advances in consumer devices such as fitness watches, improving self-care has become easier for patients. Now it’s possible for them to monitor their blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and even conditions such as atrial fibrillation. When patients notice unusual trends, they can present them to their physician and expedite their treatments by avoiding the ambulatory monitoring that usually follows.

Shorter waiting times

Depending on where patients live, they may find that accessing specialist health services is difficult. Rural communities tend to suffer the most, as specialist doctors are in short supply. Thanks to telemedicine, sending records and images electronically allows patients to access specialist advice despite local shortages. In some areas, telemedicine has allowed rural residents to shorten wait times from 7 weeks to 1.5 weeks.

Routine appointments are convenient

With many people working longer hours and leading hectic lives, accessing routine GP appointments is difficult. Before telemedicine, working individuals needed to take time away from work or they would have to rely on scarce out-of-hours slots. Today, video consultations are available, making life easier for those who can’t take time away from work. Although such services aren’t appropriate for all conditions, they can make life easier for those who need repeat prescriptions and other appointments where physical examinations aren’t necessary.

Online therapy is leading the way

Much like attending a GP appointment, seeing a therapist or counselor isn’t always convenient. According to the American Psychological Association, online therapies are often beneficial for patients who choose to use them. For those who live in rural areas where therapists aren’t always available, this could transform mental health for the better. Additionally, individuals who have caring responsibilities or whose condition makes it difficult for them to leave the house will have an easier time finding someone who can support their condition.

Overall, telemedicine is speeding up appointment times and making different types of care more accessible. Those who live in rural areas appear to see some of the greatest benefits, especially when they were unable to access services before. As time goes on, newer technologies could present further changes for patients and clinicians alike.

free healthcare for small business. If you were the owner of a small business, that would certainly make you pause and take notice. With the price of healthcare continuing to skyrocket, any opportunity to save money and still provide the benefits many larger organizations provide would be beneficial.

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The Healthcare app is a telemedicine application for your phone. It is also healthcare. It is NOT insurance. By asking employers to pay a monthly fee and asking the employees to pay a fee per visit with a healthcare provider, we break up the cost of healthcare over time. And we make it affordable. It costs the employer just $20 per month per employee and the employee just $10 per visit with a provider. 

The Healthcare app is a product designed to give your employees the healthcare they need with the convenience of an app. Our healthcare providers can treat the majority of ailments that someone might go to their primary care physician, an urgent care facility, or even an emergency room. Conditions such as pink eye, colds, flu, gout, UTIs and a host of other things can be diagnosed over the phone and appropriate treatments can be recommended. And if a prescription is deemed medically necessary then one will be sent to the pharmacy chosen by the employee in the app. And all this can be done from anywhere.

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