IncBit Business App – Mobile App Solution for Safe Driving – IncBit and United Efficiency Inc.

IncBit team was involved in developing android app solution for Safe driving (refer to tXtBlockermobile app solution and AT&T DriveMode android mobile app in development association with United Efficiency Inc.)

tXtBlocker increases safety by avoiding distractions while driving with auto-response feature, notification sounds. Please visit the url

Features Includes the following:

Block outgoing/incoming calls:

  1.  When user is within a geo-fence defined through web interface (say school)
  2.  When user is driving

Block outgoing/incoming SMS:

  1. When user is within a geo-fence defined through web interface (say school)
  2. When user is driving

Safer driving

Talking on the phone and texting while driving is a bad idea, especially for young drivers who are constantly in touch with friends. It is seen that drivers are sending and receiving texts behind the wheel even while they are driving. This can lead to accidents on the roads i.e. texting while driving as th driver is taking eyes off the road which definitely increases the likelihood of an accident. Here the app tXtBlocker can ensure safe driving for your whole family.

Location-Specific Use

Students / Children have a tendency to use Mobile phones while they are in their class studying which creates a nuisance and also its bad for them as it decreases their concentration in the topics being told in the class. Thus location-specific issues like these can be handled with the application. Teachers are having an increasing problem with students using mobile phones during class times. And it’s not just passing notes either; sharing answers to tests is becoming a big problem.

Safer Workplace

Safer workplace is also another important factor which can be handled with this application. We may see inappropriate behaviors with mobile phones in many job related industries where in accidents are now attributed to mobile phone distractions. Say, for example, if you are in Logistics Company Or your company is into field-service-support-provider business and have field staff, drivers in your business, have employees that travel frequently for work, or drive to and from the office every day, you can provide a safer workplace by using the app in the mobile phones.

You can no-cell zone to help avoid distractions in the workplace which were the results of the inappropriate behavior of the staff while they are using mobile phones.
It has the following features:

  1.  Real-time Phone Location: As an admin you can locate phones in real time and customize your settings   through easy-to-use online map interface. The map helps you define coordinates which helps in customization   of settings.
  2.  No-Cell Zones: You can set up No-Cell Zones to limit distractions at school/class room / studying place / worship place or in the workplace or even driving. It allows you to automatically reply to texts when you’re driving, silence your ringer

Reporting:Based upon the logs reports are being generated. These reports helps in tracking and monitoring               reports which can further provide us the information about driver action(s) / behavior during and after driving          (like speed change, braking, turn left, turn right, driving timeframe, location list generated for the route.

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