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DuelingRoster Application includes Fantasy games for NBA , NFL, NHL, MLB, CFB and CBB type. User can be a participant of any contest by choosing a scheduled game from the “LOBBY” which will be played on a particular date. After selecting a contest, user will have to lineup “Players” for that contest to create a fantasy team for him. User can also create a contest for a particular “Matchup”.
Feature(s) / Functionality List:

User contests are based on the results and
The Chat Window functionality
GRID around the prize on create head to head pool
Head 2 Head Contest Creation Testing
Games History
Missing Game Details
My Contests
My Contests
Sortable Table
Admin Zone User Controls
User Profile Messages
Admin Zone – View Users transactions
Admin – Games
Admin – Statistics
Support Page Messages
Implement Sharing Icons
Data Table Design Flaw
Homepage Contest Data Table
Transaction History
News Spacing
Update Button
Deposit/ Withdrawal Confirmation
Account suspended
Top 5 paid
Top Winners
Row Height
Blog Page
Contest Live Page
Cancel Challenge
Enter text copy in admin
Contest table column header
Credential retrieval success
Contest Automatic Name Generator(I have already
fixed it and assigned  this ticket to
Select Players()
News Spacing
Deposit/ Withdrawal Confirmation
Account suspended
Admin Text Copy: Enter text copy in admin and
functionality in admin zone to update text daily by admin which will be shown
on home page
Sortable column logic on lobby section functionality
Admin Zone – View Users transactions: functionality
of sortable column functionality
Support Page Messages: display support messages
in admin zone
Admin – Games
Admin – Statistics(functionality of user pages
viewed on site and duration to visit website)
functionality of
Sharing Icons
Referral Section:
      i) Registered Users are each assigned a unique and personal hyperlink.
     ii) This link can be accessed by visiting the users “My Locker” page and
clicking on “Recruit Friends” tab. 

iii) The unique link can be shared and sent to prospective users via
Facebook, Twitter and Email.


iv) There is a database on the “Recruit Friends” tab that displays the
status of invitations sent, status of the invitations, invitations accepted
and bonuses earned from the referral system.

     v) Referring users earn commission in the form of “DR Roster Tickets”.
These tickets can then be redeemed and used as entry fees to other DR

The referring user earns commission for referred joined users who enter
PAID contests only. The referring user earns commission of his friends paid
entry fees. Ticket is credited to the referring users account to be used as
an entry into a paid contest.
     vii) The referring user earns commission of his friends paid entry fees if
he gets more referrals in a particular period.
The commission tickets earned are credited to
the referring users account on a specific day the month. There are no restrictions on
the number of referrals you can bring in.
month, you will simply see a percentage of the revenue your referrals
generate deposited into your own Dueling Rosters account, and you can
immediately start using it to enter contests.

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