IncBit Business App – Online Flower Bouquet Arrangement App

Create your bouquet online and make on the screen arrangements of flower sticks in a vase. You can order the arranged bouquet online! Online flower bouquet and ordering smartphone / mobile phone website ( )

Artful floral app is a mobile website for flower arrangement interface for the florists to deal with their clients. Registered users of the site can use mobile website user-interface to select different stems of flowers from buckets and then prepare a bouquet. Registered users will need to pay monthly subscription to avail the services.

The flower arrangement app helps in creating a bouquet which can be visualized and displayed online right on your screen with the vase and stem so that before actually purchasing and sending the order you can see how it look like. As it is going to be an image so you can also save that image.

There is a zoom and resize functionality provided for the bouquet. You can zoom to look into the finer details as how it looks and also resize the bouquet to make sure that it visible in the proper image size.

You can also rotate the stem and images in different angles so that the final output is really fantastic and beautiful.

The flower arrangement bouquet helps you choose the specific stems which you think the receiver likes and also the colour of the stem as well.

Once you have created a bouquet using the different vase sizes, designs and colours and also the different stems of different flower stems again with different colours, you can select the final bouquet and order the bouquet along with the address details as mentioned in the form.

Once we receive the complete form (with complete details), we will contact you again for a final confirmation before sending the ordered bouquet to the recipient location address.

As soon as we get a confirmation (sms/telephone/email) mentioning your order ID generated during the shopping process, we start dispatching the ready bouquet to the recipient. You can also send the bouquet to more than one recipient with other recipient address as well. You will be charged extra for this.

Main Features of the site:

  • User registration with Monthly Subscription
  • To accept payment we may need to use Third-Party payment integration services i.e. PayPal or other third-party.
  • Online Ordering for the prepared bouquet
  • Vases (with different designs and different colours) are one side and flowers are on the other and they pick the vase first and size and then flower and colour of flower. Colours under each flower so based on what customer wants they can change the colour
  • The app is able to re-size it on its own. If you drag the flower over and place the face of the flower at the height you want in the vase the stem will adapt to the position
  • Dropdown menu should be there under each vase to show the available sizes for vases
  • Once the user drags the stem flower to the vase it replaces the flower in the bucket so there will always be more to pick. Of the different types app will determine which flowers come in which colours because and it actually is available in that colour from the florist.
  • Admin section where you can login as an administrator and can User Management or Upload new flower photos