IncBit Business App – Android Mobile App – Diet App Planner

The app is called Diet App. This app is divided into the following sections:
1) Diet
2) Weekly Schedule(The number of weeks to follow the diet)
3) Reporting(Health Chart)
The purpose of the diet app is to make a user follow the proper diet schedule as per suggestions by their respective dietician or for that matter what is the total calorie needs of a person as per the daily work profile being followed.

Diet: User selects the diet from the list provided. This list also contains the calorie count for the selected diet. There are different diet-list being shown to the users for different parts of a day i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening tea or bed tea which is the common eating pattern being followed to select a diet. User can select a diet and see the calorie count of that diet and make a decision to go for that diet or not. Besides this the user can also create a custom diet as per the guidelines provided by the respective dietician of that user. The custom diet’s ingredients will again have specific calorie count based upon the content size of that ingredient and thus again helpful for the user to decide upon the custom diet.

Weekly Schedule with Start Date: Then the user is presented with a list. This list will be week 1 through week N. By default the Start date of the Diet Plan will be the current date which can be scheduled by the user. The user is shown a Diet Calendar figure and user can select the no. of weeks the diet schedule to be followed.

The weeks will be shown in the slide menu (like Facebook app) and the chosen week menu will the in the main window. In that main windows there will be slideytabs. The first tab will show the complete day menu in its original form according to the diet. The slide tabs will show the days for that week. The day menu will start using the start date as given by the user. So, for instance, when the user wants to start a south beach diet on a Wednesday and wants to do this for five weeks, then in the slide menu there will be five weeks shown: week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, and week 5. The first day of dieting is Wednesday and it will show the complete menu for the day, with the options to filter and sort, as previously mentioned in the earlier specs. The alternatives for the day menu are shown in after a button in the main window.

Reporting (Health Chart): Finally after following the weekly schedule, user can see the health status from reporting section of the app. User can also compare the health chart with BMI index. There is in-built algorithm based upon which the chart is prepared for the user health.
User can compare the health chart with the real status of his health and discuss it further. This health chart is more of a health tracking chart to help user of the app to make note of the things and take a printout to discuss it further.
The health chart can be shared and email using the sharing interface.