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It was 2003 Apple decided to create another PDA as they believed that once they have cell phones with excellent synchronization software it would become important devices to access portable information. ROKR E1 was released with collaboration of Motorola in Sept, 2005. Apple decided to discontinue and in June, 2007 released iPhone with 7.3 version of itunes.

iPhone with features like video calling, HD video recording, iBooks, iMovie, mail,iPod,iTunes was the first phone with 3G technology. Since its release in 2007, it has spread to 176 nations worldwide.

This decision revolutionized the mobile phone market and set a precedent for all manufacturers and then another revolutionary step from Apple was iPhone Apps store which enabled developers from around the world to create applications and sell them.


Now to give a solid platform, iOS Apple mobile operating system is the foundation of iPhone. The features and technologies built into iOS (currently iOS 6) keeps it way ahead of others while providing it amazing features, easy to use interface and good stability.

There are around downloadable 807,014 apps designed specifically for iPhone.

iPad is very similar to iPhone as it has the same multi-touch and accelerometer technology and many application functionalities designed for the iPhone can be used in the iPad. There are around 7,00,000 apps for iPad.

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