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The app is called Diet APP. This app will help set the three values:

  • The Diet
  • The number of weeks to follow the diet
  • Start date of the diet (by default filled with current date)

Then the user is presented with a list. This list will be week 1 through week N. The weeks will be shown in the slide menu (like facebook app) and the chosen week menu will the in the main window. In that main there will be slideytabs. The first tab will show the complete day menu in its original form according to the diet. The slideytabs will show the days for that week. The daymenu will start using the startdate as given by the user. So, for instance, when the user wants to start a south beach diet on a Wednesday and wants to do this for five weeks, then in the slide menu there will be five weeks shown: week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5. The first day of dieting is Wednesday and it will show the complete menu for the day, with the options to filter and sort, as previously mentioned in the earlier specs. The alternatives for the day menu are shown in after a button in the main window.